Art Works

Reflection of Time and Nature, Pankaja Sethi, Cotton and Jute, 2018

While engaging with the space and place of the Old Town I navigate to different realms of time. Weaving tangible and intangible narratives together I see the boundaries of nature and culture blurring with each other rather than separate identities. How life permeates through the raw pores embracing the physical forms, colouring the spaces and at the same time erasing and leaving impressions of time. The natural landscape of Ekamara was created, lived and erased in the making of the Old Town. A natural process of becoming, rising and falling, and this may disappear with time suggesting impermanence.

My body of work will reflect impressions of time and nature – an abstract representation of natural process integrating the landscape of the Old Town that are visible and fading through woven and nonwoven threads-weaving stories from form to formless-permanence to impermanence.